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Shark Week Soup Week!

24 Oct

If you like shark week – with its gory images of multiple rows of slicing teeth and overly dramatic voice-overs – then you will be disappointed here.

However, if you swoon over soup, you’ll be thrilled!

What started as “let’s use up the squash and pumpkin from the farm share” turned into “let’s have bisque” and then, with a pile of mushrooms, became “let’s have squash soup on Monday and mushroom soup on Thursday.”

Then Daniel – one month shy of 10 years old – came in.  “If we’re having two nights of soup, why don’t we just have a whole week of soup?” Daniel loves a good theme.

Thus, Soup Week was born.

On the menu board (this is an imaginary board – I don’t have a chalk wall nor do I have a scribe to jot down my soup ramblings):

Pumpkin-Squash-Apple Soup with Crispy Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Turkey Vegetable Tortellini

Creamy Mushroom Garlic with Fried Sage

Golden Cauliflower

Red Onion Soup with Grilled Brown Beer Bread & Gruyere

Italian Zuppo di Farro with Wilted Kale



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