Love Letter to My Soda Stream

27 Apr

A fizzy addiction

Dear SS,

It’s late.  It’s dark.  I’m the only one awake and you’re the only one who knows.  I’ve been craving you so much lately – maybe because of the warmer days.  Or maybe – maybe – because you embody so much of my longing.  You are: eco-friendly,  cost-effective,  not bad-looking, you taste great and your smell is innocuous.  You are ready to go at a moment’s whim, ready to go again with the touch of a button.  You never fail.  Okay, there was that one time, but it wasn’t your fault.  It was…me.  I didn’t change the filter and…well, now you’re back on track.  You are fizzy and fun and a crowd-pleaser.  I have pitched you to many, given you to a select few, and treasure you as one treasures a beloved…something.  Oh, Soda Stream, I do not need your fancy flavours, your extras, your expensive models.  All I need is you in all of your simple and bubbly glory.

Yours in fizz,

Emily (AKA Fizzy water addict)


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